Adventure Game Good vs Reason for iPad

In 2111 mankind has be able to travel between real world and virtual world with the help of technology. But one of virtual reality cabinets has been out of work. Could you help the guy out from the virtual world? Let’s go on checking the adventure game Good vs Reason.

Adventure Game Good vs Reason for iPad

Good vs Reason is a well-designed adventure game developed by Haab, and designed for iPad. The iPad game features exquisite cartoonish game graphics, fantastic music and simple touch controls. All you need to do in the game is to adventure in the mysterious virtual worlds, solving various puzzles and making the exciting story go on. Moreover, during the adventure, you’ll need to make correct decisions so be careful and firm in your actions because the destiny of the whole world is in your hands.

Adventure Game Good vs Reason for iPad
Adventure Game Good vs Reason for iPad
Adventure Game Good vs Reason for iPad
Adventure Game Good vs Reason for iPad

Good vs Reason with a size of 230 MB is compatible with iPad running iOS 4.1 or later. The iPad game is free for a limited time at present. If you’re interested, jump to App Store for more details.

2 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Frustrating to point of just giving up right at the beginning. Let down!
    Perhaps this thread might be a place to place a clue or two??

  2. Mook says:

    Oh, man.. What a surpprise. I bought this on a weird whim and tried it out, only to be beaten back by the first level. Tonight I picked it up again and refused to let it beat me. It takes perseverance and good memory but it’s possible and certainly an original puzzle in my opinion.

    Basically you need to move up the screen. Staying on a track that goes off the screen is not always a bad thing but generally just try to move up at the start and learn which colour tracks are benficial for moving up. My tips in rough ascending order are the dark green on the left, the one that looks like a filmstrip(get off at top of second last fold) and at the end just stay riding the dark blue! That leaves a lot to figure out but I hope people stick with it.

    After this the story and characters get really weird. I thought the game was broken after the second level because I couldn’t advance but then I realised the map is a sliding block puzzle (and not too harsh which is a relief because I hate them). I’ve played about five further levels and they’re not all original but really well presented and the story is madder than a cartload of monkeys..

    I’m gonna put some effort into championing this game because it’s original, cheap and loads of mad content. And it’s hard! And it requires you to think and stick at it! Too many one-touch casual gamez out there which are destroying narrative and gameplay. I’m gonna go all out and say this is the iOS version of Pathalogic. It deserves a lot more attention and a lot more valiant gamers who don’t need hand holding. Enjoy!

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