Contact App ContactsExcel for iPhone and iPod Touch

Want a handy way to import or export your contacts from your iPhone? Take a look at ContactExcel, the contact app should be able to meet your requirements.

Contact App Contacts<->Excel for iPhone and iPod Touch

ExcelContacts is a practical and easy-to-use contact app developed by Sam Yu, and designed for iPhone and iPod touch. The iPhone app has an intuitive user interface. When booting up the contact app, you can select a suitable method to export your contacts including all contacts, a group or customizable method, and in addition to normal iTunes export, its WiFi feature also allows you to wirelessly export your contacts in ZIP format, moreover, you can also send it to your Email or Dropbox account. Apart from that, the contact app also supports wireless import. This means you can use Excel, OpenOffice to edit your contact list and import it to your iPhone using local wireless network, and the contact app helps you merge repeated contacts.

Contact App Contacts<->Excel for iPhone and iPod Touch

ContractsExcel with a size of 4.9 MB is compatible with iPhone (optimized for iPhone 5), iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later. The iPhone app is free for a limited time at present. If you’re interested, jump to App Store for more details.

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