Foosball Hero for iPad

Apparently not everyone has a big foosball table. But now if you have a Apple iPad tablet, Foosball Hero will let you enjoy a great foosball game with your friend.

Foosball Hero for iPad

As we see, the iPad game takes the classical table soccer on iPad platform. Foosball Hero is designed by Nenad Katic, the sound by tzobe. The iPad game features:

  • Fast-paced realistic gameplay
  • Real-world 3D physics
  • Full size teams: 11 players each side
  • Select team colors
  • Experiment with different team layouts
  • Play against a friend or iPad-inho
  • 3 Difficulty levels ( Easy, Hard, Pro )
  • Manual controls for best experience, or Automatic Spin controls to get started fast
  • Immersive graphics and sound: rusty old table, blackboard and a slum environment

The following is the demo video and images about the iPad game. Check them out. Foosball Hero for iPad is priced at $2 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Foosball Hero for more details.

Foosball Hero for iPad Foosball Hero for iPad
Foosball Hero for iPad Foosball Hero for iPad

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