iPortal Dynamic Controls Wheelchair iPhone iPod touch App

Apparently the iPhone iPod touch app called iPortal is ready for some cripples who owned Dynamic Controls wheelchairs.

iPortal Dynamic Controls Wheelchair iPhone iPod touch App

iPortal is released by Dynamic Controls, and can run on iPhone and iPod touch. Once the iPhone or iPod with the app is mounted on Dynamic Controls Shark, DX, or DX2 control system, via bluetooth technology iPortal will display the wheelchair’s information in real time on the Apple device such as speed and speed range indicator, compass heading, seat adjustment indicator, battery state, and etc.

iPortal also comes with an adjustable mounting arm and cradle that allow the user to adjust the position of iPhone or iPod touch. Moreover, an Apple USB charing port and auxiliary USB charing only port can keep the iPad, iPod touch or other USB devices fully charged. After the break, check out the demo video about iPortal

If you’re interested in the special iPhone and iPad touch app, jump to Dynamic Controls for more details.

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