Password Manager Passplex for iPhone

Have you got bored of various passwords? Need a handy and secure way to record your passwords? Take a look at Passplex, the password manager may be suitable for you.

Password Manager Passplex for iPhone

Passplex is a simple and easy-to-use password app designed for iPhone. The iPhone app sports a gorgeous, minimalistic user interface. Just tapping the “+” button in the upper right corner! you can add new password with your name and URL link, and the password manager can automatically identify the link and add its icon for easy to recognize, moreover, the password app also comes with an automatic password generator to help you create string, secure passwords, while simple touch control lets you easily edit, copy your passwords. Apart from that, AES256 encryption and auto-lock securely guard your important data, and you can export your usernames and passwords via Email.

Passplex is available for free at present. If you like the password manager, head to App Store for download.

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