Photo App Stackables Available for Free for a Limited Time (Two Versions)

We introduced Stackables last years, and the photo app has worked with both iPhone and iPad with its two versions. Now the photo app is available for free for a limited time. Don’t miss it again.

Photo App Stackables

The Stackables is a creative, layer-based photo editor that allows you to add multiple layers with various photo filters in order to create one-of-a-kind photo effect formulas. The photo app comes with 30 preset formulas, and you can also store your own formulas and share them with other Stackables users. Moreover, Stackables features over 200 effects, more than 20 adjustment tools and 60+ masks. You’re limited only by your creativity. If you need it, head to App Store (for iPad) for download.

Photo App StackablesPhoto App StackablesPhoto App StackablesPhoto App Stackables

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