Puzzle Game Bicolor Review

1Button recently released its latest iOS gameBicolor. If you like minimal design or simple gameplay, the puzzle game may meet your style. Want to know more? let’s keep reading the review.

Puzzle Game Bicolor Review

As its name implies, Bicolor sports a minimalistic two-tune game graphics, and the gameplay is also easy-to-understand. The block with a number tells you how steps it can be moved, and every step can turn the color of another block into the same color with the block you move. All you need to do is to move the blocks and turn their color into the same color with the background. Of course, you must carefully think your steps in order to avoid being blocked by the same color.

Puzzle Game Bicolor Review

The puzzle game comes with 180 different levels in 12 episodes, and simple gesture control allows you undo your steps, while just tapping the screen, you can see the top panel for backing main menu. Moreover, the puzzle game has a $0.99 in-game purchase for 10 solver.

Puzzle Game Bicolor Review Puzzle Game Bicolor Review

Bicolor is an excellent minimalistic puzzle game. The iOS game is priced at $0.99 USD. If you’re interested, head to App Store for download.

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