Rescue Parashoot Stan by Your iPhone or iPad

The soldier has some trouble in the sky. Could you rescue him by your iPhone or iPad? Let’s take a look at the iOS game Parashoot Stan.

Parashoot Stan is an intense and easy-to-control action game that works with both iPhone and iPad. The background of the iOS game is set in the sky. Parashoot Stan, a brave paratrooper is falling in the sky. He needs to avoid various attacks and enemy’s aircrafts, and don’t forget to destroy their assault aircrafts, and taking over their powerful weapons and fighting against waves of enemies, moreover, the paratrooper can also rescue multiple pals to help fight the war. The iOS game features gorgeous game graphics along with smooth visual effect, and touch and tilt control method provides you a comfortable gaming experience. Apart from that, you can use coins earned during gaming or in-game purchases to unlock new chutes and outfits.

Parashoot Stan is available for free at present. If you like the iOS game, head to App Store, getting it to your iOS device.

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