Video App MovBeats for iPhone and iPod Touch

You can use your iPhone or iPod touch 4G to record videos with ease, but if you want to create some amazing video clips, the video app MovBeats should be able to help you.

Video App MovBeats for iPhone and iPod Touch

MovBeats is an innovative video recorder app developed by Casual Underground, and designed for iPhone and iPod touch. The iPhone app features an intuitive user interface, and has a built-in tutorial in order to help you start recoding your first video clip with strong beats. Using 192 slots for clips, 128 slots for patterns and 16 steps sequencer, you can conveniently record various clips with interesting beats, and saving them for further mix. When rendering your short video, you can easily upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, or share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. After the break, check out the following demo video.

MovBeats with a size of 13.1 MB is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.1 or later. The iPhone app is free for a limited time at present. If you’re interested, jump to App Store for more details.

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