Visual Chameleon Helps You Find Out Favorite Shoes

How did you find out your favorite shoes? Lots of shoes shops? Now Visual Chameleon will bring you a more convenient way to search fashionable shoes.

Visual Chameleon Helps You Find Out Favorite Shoes

Visual Chameleon is a fashionable search tool focuses on all kinds of fashionable shoes. The search app is designed to help you seek favorite shoes via your iPhone or iPad. The app can accurately identify the shoes in an image from your photo or the web and using its unique search system including 100,000 high-resolution shoe images from online retailers, Visual Chameleon is capable of returning you accurate search results based on the shoes in your image. Moreover, its draw search allows you to draw a picture of your ideal shoes, and helping you find similar designs around the Internet. Of course, you can also conveniently compare the prices among the results and find out the best deal.

Visual Chameleon Helps You Find Out Favorite Shoes

The Visual Chameleon is raising fund at Kickstarter at present. The shoe app will be available in May. Now you can pledge $5 to own it. Like the idea? Head to Kickstarter for more description.

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  1. Ke Shang says:

    Hey Daniel, thank you so much for writing about this project! It’s amazing!!

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