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For many people, especially word troops, a simple and practical text editor is very necessary. If you also use Dropbox, Elements text editor should be suitable for you.

No doubt, it’s definitely good news for numerous fans of Angry Birds. Angry Birds Christmas edition will be launched as a free upgrade.

As we know, the Internet is a very huge resource pool. How do you rapidly find out your needed info? Perhaps the free app named Eye Web could help you.

Apparently this is the right season for shopping. So when you circulate from one store to another, you’d better activate the free app named shopkick.

How did you do to save your favorite web pages on your iPad or iPhone? If you prefer to convert them into PDF files instead of HTML files, the PDF converter named Save2PDF should be suitable for you.

Do you want to quickly switch your apps from one to another, or know more about your iPhone? AppSwitch should be able to help you.

Just like sparkles, inspirations always flit in our mind and go away. So a journal app is necessary for us such as the following Momento iPhone app.

As we know, iPhone can help us in a lot of ways like gaming, communicating, browsing, etc. Using the iPhone app called Mobile Mouse, the iPhone can also turn into a wireless mouse for our computer.

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