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The photo book named 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project costs less than a buck. If you want to help those people who have suffered pain during Japan earthquake and tsunami, and get those thought provoking photos, let’s go on checking.

Want a nice casual game to kill your leisure time? Check out the iOS game Blimp gone free now, maybe it can meet your taste.

You always worry about weak passwords will leak your privacy? Check out the universal app named The Password, maybe it can help you.

Are note, todo, and contact manager your essential apps? If yes, the all-in-app iPhone app WITH may be suitable you.

What do want to know from the Internet, the stories near you, the events across the world, or both of them? If your answer is the later, let’s go on checking the free iPad app Qwiki.

Want to pack a dozen of sport games into your iPhone? Check out the iPhone game Yoo! Sports, it may meet your taste.

What kind of game is your favorite on iPad? If you like casual match 3 game, don’t miss the iPad game Fishdom HD.

Groups of birds have hijacked the power lines, Skippy the Squirrel have to terminate them with vehicle power supply in order to enjoy his favorite music. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the universal game Bird Zapper!.