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The cute chipmunk need your help to wake up those animals that only know rest and fun. Let’s go on checking the iPad game MadCap HD.

Want to create incredible silent and vintage movies by yourself? Check out Silent Film Director, no doubt the camera app can help you.

Speedball 2 Evolution has been in your Wish List for a long time? Now it’s the time for you to download the universal game.

Apparently conventional soft box isn’t easy to carry. If you want to use it outdoor, the iPad app named SoftBox Pro should be able to help you.

There are tons of photography apps designed to add various effects to your photos on App Store, but if you think the effects are not enough, the camera app named 100 Cameras in 1 may be more suitable for you.

Want a free way to contact with your friends? Check out WhatsApp Messenger, maybe the iPhone app can meet your requirements.

Want a more convenient way to transfer your photos and videos between your iDevices and PC or Mac? Check out WiFi MediaBox, maybe the universal app can meet your requirements.

No doubt, there are lots of photography apps on App Store, which allows you to add various effects to your photos, but if you want to apply some symbols to the photos, the universal app Photo Soft Box Symbols HD may be more suitable for you.