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You have been tired of those common match 3 games? Check out Reflekt, the innovative matching game may be able to meet your taste.

Need a suitable whiteboard app to turn your iPad into an informative and interactive whiteboard? Check out MediaSlate Pro, the iPad app may meet your requirements.

The cute Goo Balls wants to explore the fantastic land: World of Goo. Could you help them achieve it? Let’s go on checking the puzzle game World of Goo HD.

The king’s islands need a shrewd manager. Could you help the king rebuild the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature? Let’s go on checking the strategy game Royal Envoy HD.

Need a reader app to enjoy your favorite articles from Wikipedia on the go? Check out WikiNauta, maybe the Wikipedia app can meet your requirements.

The ambitious cubes want to invade the land of spheres. Could you help these cute spheres defeat the red cubes? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Cubes vs. Sphere.

The planet of jellies are under attack of invaders. Could you help the cute Jelly forces defeat the invaders? Let’s go on checking the innovative tower defense game: Jelly Defense.

Want to learn playing guitar with your iPad? At first, you need a suitable iPad app. Check out Learn Guitar, maybe the music app can meet your requirements.

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