Archive for November, 2011

The cute red devil is adventuring on the mysterious world full of traps. Could you help him collect those beautiful gemstones? Let’s go on checking the adventure game RedDevil (HD).

We have featured several nice panorama apps. But if you want to use your iPad to make beautiful panorama photos, the following camera app Panorama 360 Camera may be more suitable.

Like playing Rubik’s Cube, but don’t want the cube take up too much space in your backpack? Then you may like to bring the cube on your iPhone or iPad with the puzzle game Rubik’s Cube.

You have a dream to become a famous DJ? Take a look at Skillz for iPad, maybe the music game will let your dream become reality.

The driver of moon buggy is discovering the rocky surfaces of a distant moon. Could you help smoothly complete the mission? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Action Buggy.

No doubt, it’s the right to cook lots of delicious food. But if you are not a good cook, the recipe app Recipes Genius should be able to help you.

The inhabitants of Monster Island are harassed by the monster thugs. Could you help them eliminate these unwanted visitors? Let’s go on checking the puzzle game Monster Island.

There are lots of match 3 styled puzzle games on App Store, but if you want some gameplay, the puzzle game Blowup! may be able to catch your eyes.