Archive for January, 2012

Want to remotely control your Mac with your iPhone or iPod touch? Take a look at FullControl, maybe the remote control app can meet your requirements.

The huge worm has come back, but this time, his target is Santa’s hometown: North Pole. Want to feed the mega worm with waves of elves and their evil machines? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Super Mega Worm Vs Santa.

F8 is a robot that has fallen a deep sleep for a long time. Now he’s awake. Could you help him discover the mysterious mansion? Let’s go on checking the puzzle game Mystery Mania.

Photoshop has still not been moved to iOS platform so we have to use other apps to add interesting elements to our photos such as the following photo app Photo Invader.

Like the classic puzzle game Tetris and challenging word games? Take a look at Puzzlejuice, the innovative combination of Tetris and word game may be able to catch your eyes.

The ancient Mesopotamia has been cursed by an evil sorcerer. Could you help the twin princes defeat him? Let’s go on checking the action game Babylonian Twins HD Premium.

We can find out many iOS apps to decode QR Codes. But if you want to encode your own text into QRCode, the QRCode generator the QRCode Machine may be more suitable for you.

Want to create your own fantastic world with your iPad or iPhone? Take a look at Eden – World Builder, the adventure game should be able to catch your eyes.