Archive for February, 2012

The cute little dino is running and eat the yummy beans along the way. Could you help him fill his stomach with the beans and run away from Dr. Beanstalk? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Tiny Toots.

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You must have remembered your magnetic drawing board used in your childhood. Now the retro drawing tool has been moved onto iOS devices. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the drawing app Magnetic Drawing Board.

The secret facility has been surrounded by crowds of infected soldiers. As a hardened private military contractor, could you help the government exterminate the infected? Let’s go on checking the action game Extraction: Project Outbreak.

This is a mysterious space full of space bugs. Could you help the brave silverfish survive as long as possible in the space? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Silverfish MAX.

The greedy Lord Evilz wants to invade your town. Could you defeat the evil lord and his army? Let’s go on checking the strategy game Zen Wars.

The brave zombie cleaner has been back with his new weapons. Could you help Chuck eliminate as many zombie as possible? Let’s go on checking the action game Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!

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