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A luxury hotel is waiting for you to manage. Could you become a competent manager and keep the hotel in order? Let’s go on checking the simulation game Hotel Dash: Suite Success Deluxe.

Not only need various photo filters, but also want multiple creative camera functions? Take a look at Fotolr Camera&Video Pro, the photo app may be able to meet your requirements.

Need an easy-to-use voice recording app for those important meetings? Take a look at Recording Pro, maybe the powerful voice recorder can meet your requirements.

The terrible monster had taken over the world. Could you help the kids survive with the pair of mysterious gloves? Let’s go on checking the action game Escape from Age of Monsters (HD).

We found a few nice iOS games and apps that we have featured are free for a limited time again. If you’ve missed them before, don’t let them pass you by.

It looks a bit like word game Scrabble, but those letter tiles have been replaced by poker cards. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the card game Poker Pals.

We have introduced many useful photo apps with various photo effects. But if you also need to integrate your Adsense account, the following Razzi Photo Effects may be more suitable for you.

Waves of the beasts are invading your kingdom. Could you utilize your army to defeat these crazy beasts? Let’s go on checking the tower defense game Beat the Beast HD.