Archive for July, 2012

Piles of puzzles are waiting for you to solve. Could you help these savages save their precious totems? Let’s go on checking the puzzle game Tiki Totems 2.

You have been tired of those normal match 3 games, want some new twists? Take a look at Puzzle Dungeons, maybe the puzzle game is able to catch your eyes.

Gorgeous background and minimalistic icons, apparently these beautiful elements have caught our eyes. If you also like this kind of design, let’s go on checking the weather app Weathr.

Don’t want to forget those important dates and tasks in your daily life? Apparently you need a practical task manager app such as the following Deadlines Pro.

Sketchman needs your help now. Could you help him run through the battlefield and eliminate as many enemies as possible? Let’s go on checking the action game Sketchman (HD).

Want to use your own photos to make awesome comic strips? Take a look at Comic Story, the photo app should be able to meet your requirements.

What kind of game is your favorite? If you like those cartoonish match 3 game, the following 8-in-1 puzzle game Puzzle Family should be able to catch your eyes.

The adorable creature is looking for her mom in the sea, but she has to keep a full tummy for her long journey. Could you help her? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Fluffy Diver.