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Piles of skulls are waiting for you to eliminate from board. Could you complete the terrible mission? Let’s go on checking the puzzle game Skull Smasher.

The little spider found out an abandoned mansion. Apparently it’s perfect place to fill his hungry stomach. Could you help him? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.

The Pumpkin King has come and deprived the kingdom of the princess. Could you help her get back her land? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Toppling Towers: Halloween.

The world has been destroyed by numerous zombies. You, one of survivors have to drive your car with four most trusted of people to West. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the simulation game Organ Trail: Director’s Cut.

The truck broke the bank, running with lots of loot. Could you drive the truck and escape from chasing of cops? Let’s go on checking the racing game Action Truck.

Rookie has lost his memories, even doesn’t know who he is, while the robot will guide him to his uncompleted mission. Could you help them? Let’s go on checking the A-RPG game Brandnew Boy.

Want to use your new iPhone 5 to capture wonderful moments? Apparently you also need a suitable camera app. Take a look at Blux Camera, maybe it can meet your requirements.

The birds need much liquid for their eggs. Could you help them collect the pipes for more liquid? Let’s go on checking the puzzle game PipeRoll Birds HD.