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You don’t have much time to read news on the go, but want to quickly navigate the news around the world? Take a look at Summly, maybe the news app can meet your requirements.

Amazon has released its first mobile game Air Patriots. If you like tower defense game, you may like to control these fighters to fight against the annoying invaders.

Loren Brichter, the developer of Tweetie just released a new iOS game for iPhone and iPad. Want to fight against your friends via words? Let’s go on checking the word game Letterpress.

The fearless warrior is running through the dangerous dungeons. Could you help him fight against fierce monsters? Let’s go on checking the action game Punch Quest.

Frognest, the village has been surrounded by hordes of monsters. Could you help the heroes fight against the monsters? Let’s go on checking the action game League of Heroes.

Fred the poor guy slipped off from a skyscraper. Could you help him securely land on the ground? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Super Falling Fred.

A cute alien is cruising through the galaxy, but a meteorite has hit his meteorite. He has to jump his starship, recovering the lost fuel. Could you help him? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Jumpster.

The waves of terrible zombies are attacking you and your friends. You must raise your gun and fight against these undead creature. Let’s go on checking the shooting game Free 2 Die.

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