We have introduced many nice racing games, but if you prefer those mighty monster trucks, the following racing game Monster Truck Destruction may be more suitable for you.

Racing Game Monster Truck Destruction for iPhone and iPad

Nicole is a journalist for a small newspaper. Her father is an archaeologist. One day she received her father’s call. When arriving his house, she found he has been missing. Could you help her find out her father? Let’s go on checking the hidden object game The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (HD) (Full).

Hidden Object Game The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (HD) (Full) for iPhone and iPad


We have featured many nice camera apps with various features, but if you need multiple capturing modes, maybe the following camera app Camera Pro Effects can draw your more attention.


A toxic green blight has destroyed the trees of Shady Glen. Could you help the brave tadpole Flip to replant the entire forest? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Tilt World.

Arcade Game Tilt World for iPhone and iPod Touch

We have features several nice photo apps that allows you to add artistic text for you photos, but if you also want to customize the path of the text, the following photo app Path on may be more suitable for you.

Photo App Path on for iPhone and iPad

Piles of letters are waiting for you to form various words, but be careful, don’t let the letters fire your bookshelf. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the word game Bookworm.

Word Game Bookworm for iPhone and iPad

Want to arrange and display your photos based on date and easily add events using calendar on your iPhone or iPad? Take a look at PhotoCal with Event, the photo calendar app should be able to meet your requirements.

Photo Calendar App PhotoCal with Event for iPhone and iPad

The penguin has been ready to rescue his kidnapped wife and children from deep ocean. Could you help him? Let’s go on checking the arcade game Captain Antarctica (HD).

Arcade Game Captain Antarctica (HD) for iPhone and iPad